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3 Amazing Things To Do This Christmas

We are now well and truly in the run up to Christmas. Everyone has started their Christmas preparations and so have I, and this time I wanted to make my Christmas different and more exciting and fun and so, I came up with these 3 different and amazing things to do this Christmas which I'd like to share with you.

Stories of Hope #WithOxfam - Kitabe's Story

As Christmas approaches and we start to indulge our families in mountains upon mountains of food and extravagances, maybe we could spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Oxfam are running a campaign at the moment called Stories of Hope where they are highlighting how people's lives can be changed for the better by fantastic projects funded by money donated to the charity.

Oxfam's aim is to fight poverty, and by using donations wisely, they empower people to become business owners with skills that enable their communities to grow and thrive.  Everybody in the community benefits. 

Yankee Candle Christmas Range

Yankee Candle Christmas Range
We have been gearing up further, for the festive season in our house, by burning the latest scents from the Yankee Candle Christmas Range.  I am always excited to see what the new scents will be each year, and while it's great to see my old favourites such as Christmas Eve and Red Apple Wreath, still available to buy, I just love experimenting with the new fragrances. The new range is called Holiday Party and it aims to get you in the festive mood with its cocktail and treats inspired range.

My Sunday Photo

We went for Breakfast with Santa, yesterday, and after a hesitant pause while he sussed Santa out, Harry launched himself at him and hugged him with all his might.  I am so glad I was able to capture such a special moment in time. The boys are really into Christmas this year. It's so lovely to hear them talking about it with such excitement.

Nicola x


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Breakfast with Santa at Brewers Fayre

Breakfast with Santa at Brewers Fayre

We're officially into the run-up to Christmas now at Twin Mummy Yummy Towers.  It was great to surprise the kids, this morning, with Breakfast with Santa at The Coach House Brewers Fayre right next to the Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester. We initially told them that we were going shopping and then just pulled up on the car park instead.  They were sooo excited.