Halloween | Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Double Trouble

Happy Halloween to everybody.  Lauren and I spent last night strategically placing decorations where Harry and Matthew Wrecking Balls won't be able to reach them.  I find this part of having twin babies quite a challenge as I have all these great ideas in my head and I can't do them, because they just won't leave anything alone.  Little terrors they are.  Anyway, onwards and upwards...we have decorations up. Enough said.


I wanted to place a couple of poems in today's blog post.  So here goes.  The first one is for Harry and Matthew.

 And the second one is for Lauren.

I hope you enjoy them x

What did we do?
We went to a Halloween Party at our local pub.  Lauren dressed up as a witch and Harry and Matthew were spiders.

After the party, Lauren went Trick or Treating with her friends where we live.  She got tonnes of sweets - enough to last until Christmas!  We got lots of Trick or Treaters knocking at the door too.  After that, Mummy had a rest with a glass of wine in her new glass.  I also burned a Witches Brew Yankee Candle, which smelled divine.
This is a picture of our pumpkin, which Daddy carved.

 What did you do for Halloween?
More photos in the Photo Booth.

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