Halloween | Wishlist - Ebay

Halloween is only 3 days away and the excitement is building in our home.  Unfortunately, decorations are going to be a no-no for us this year, because Harry and Matthew are like two mini wrecking balls and they wouldn't last 2 minutes, at the moment.  With this in mind, I have had a look on good old Ebay for some items which can be used away from tiny hands and I think they all look gorgeous.
One - here. I love this American idea.  How pretty it is.  This particular one is from America, but I think one could be made...
Two - here. This is an outdoor candle holder, which would complement the wreath and make a welcoming entrance for all those trick or treaters.
Three - here. I like this, because it could be hung up high, away from inquisitive little fingers.
Four - here. Yankee Candles are my absolute favourite.  I actually have this at the moment and it smells divine.
Five - here. Another Yankee Candle with a fabulous 'Black Jack' smell.  Irresistible, but only available in Jar size, so this puts me off as I don't like how the tops of the jars go black with burn marks.
Six - here. Adorable cat to hang off the side of Yankee jars.   
Check out my Pinterest page  - I love the American way of doing things and there is so much inspiration here.

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