Christmas | Countdown - 4 Weekends to Go...

Well the weeks are flying by and only 4 more weekends to go.  Panic, panic!  I have done most of my present shopping and plan on putting the trees and decorations up tomorrow. I say trees, because I love to have a theme going through the house and put one in the lounge, one in the hall and one in the kitchen-dining room.  Perhaps you think I am mad, maybe you do a similar thing?  My mum calls me Mother Christmas as she doesn't share my excitement for the season  and doesn't 'get it'
Now this year, I am in disarray. As some of you may have previously read, Harry and Matthew are two mini wrecking balls. For this reason, my Christmas decorating in the lounge, this year, needs to be portable, if you know what I mean.  I have plans to decorate a small 3ft tree for my lamp table and have a matching fireplace garland.  These items will only be placed out at 7:00pm at night and put away as I go to bed.  I need to do this as they will definitely destroy my normal big tree.  The things we do...
Another thing I am planning to do this weekend is to create a Christmas pot like the one in this picture.

I loved how this looked in the garden centre I visited again, during the week, but they wanted £49.99 for it.  Yes you heard me right.  They did, however, sell the plants separately and I purchased them for £13.00 with the intention of doing my own.  I think there might be enough to do two.
Another thing I am planning to do this weekend is to buy and write my friend and neighbour cards.  I love picking these cards and believe that you can tell a lot about the person sending, by the cards they choose to buy.  Do they send humorous cards? Are they traditional?  Minimalistic, Religious, Charity cards? 

There are so many to choose from I thought I would compile an image to show-case my favourites this year. 

Top left first
Tesco Warm Village Scene - 24 for £4.00
Tesco Gingerbread man  - 6 for £4.00
Amazon Hallmark Signature Gold Glitter - 18 for £4.99
Tesco Cute Nativity Christmas Cards - 12 for £2.50
Tesco Reindeer card - 6 for £4.00
Amazon Santa pack - 16 for £1.60

What are you doing this weekend to get organised?


  1. Beautiful plant!
    We plan to put the tree up later and I may even wrap a few more presents!! :)

  2. I know it really caught my eye that plant. Going to try to recreate it this afternoon. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Gorgeous little Xmas tree! I have a mini wrecking ball of my own and we have a little tabletop optic light tree way up high where he can't get at it :-) #SundayStars

  4. Aw, bless em' they're just inquisitive aren't they? Won't be like this forever and then we'll be wishing they're still babies. Thanks for visiting:)

  5. Love that plant pot, but can't believe the price! Well done for buying it all and doing your own :) #ChristmasCountdown

  6. Thank you. It is eye-catching and I couldn't resist it. Thanks for visiting :)

  7. Although we put some ornaments and decorations around we don't put our actual tree up until Christmas Eve!
    My mum has pots like this that sit either side of her front door, she has two for the winter and two for the summer that she alternates each year :)
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars

  8. I normally redress my tree on Christmas Eve and dust everything on it. I'm too impatient to wait until Christmas Eve to put it up though. I spend half of November waiting to do it. #SundayStars