Christening | Harry and Matthew's Christening (Part 2)

Well we made it to the church on time, so to speak, and it was packed out with four other families having their christenings too.  The vicar at our church does a lovely, family friendly service and encourages toddlers to move around during the service, which was brilliant for us as Harry and Matthew are never still for long. 


The 'after' party was great.  Harry and Matthew enjoyed being able to roam around the room in safety.  I had been worried about how we would cope in the party room, for safety, but everything worked out fine in the end.  Matthew was particularly confident at helping himself to the buffet, which we had to move back in the end, before he popped!  Harry was his usual inquisitive self and spent half of the afternoon switching the music on and off.

When will this fascination ever end?  Both babies received some lovely cards and gifts and arrived home, very tired, at about 6:30.  A fab day was had by all! God bless my 3 babies x
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