Lifestyle | Could You Store More Toys In Your Children's Playrooms?

As Christmas approaches and Santa is preparing to meet the requests on the ever-growing lists he is about to receive, I have found myself panicking like mad about where it is all going to go.  Don't get me wrong, we seem to be sorting out weekly in our home, but the amount of toys with 3 children is huge and slightly. dare I say it, 'out of control'.  If it was up to my husband, anything not played with for a couple of weeks would be skipped, but for me, this is unthinkable.  'All that money in the bin' and 'somebody else could play with that' are thoughts that spring to mind.  I am a self-confessed hoarder of my children's toys, but I have decided that this needs to change in the next few weeks...
At the moment we have a huge built in toy cupboard in our Daughter's room which is crammed to the rafters and a playroom which needs a re-think.  The playroom contains big toys which are girl orientated and should really be re-purposed to make room for toys for Harry and Matthew.
So what is the grand plan?
I have a vision of what I would like my toy storage to be like in my children's rooms and it goes something like this. 

Much of what you see in this image is available from Ikea.  I particularly like the wall storage and love the idea of the toys being arranged so that the children can see what they have.  The colour scheme is attractive and everything has a place.  I think the tables are really handy and those little chunky stools are too cute!
Now if your children are like mine, there would be too many items to display neatly, at the moment.  I plan to have a proper toy cull over the next few weekends.  I need to go through the garage, the shed and the children's rooms to get a pile ready for ebay. Now is the time to be ebaying those items that are no longer played with, so that they can be bought as presents for Christmas, if the condition is good enough or you could get a pile together with the intention of taking them to the charity shop.

If, like me, before the babies came along, you are saving toys ' just in case you have another one' have you considered short term storage solutions for your treasured toys you just don't want to part with?  Warehouse Storage Solutions Limited offer short-span shelving, which is generally a system that is used for light duty items that need temporary storage.

Another idea that I was considering, is whether to get Santa to send my children some new storage for their rooms.  That way, I can hopefully get Lauren, at least, on board with my vision for an organised 2015.  I absolutely love this Gruffalo set from Amazon.
Why not check out my Pinterest boards for more great ideas for sorting your storage before the Big Day. 
Let me know.  Are you on board?  Do you want an organised start to the New Year?

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