Christmas | 5 Gorgeous Christmas Printables

I seem to spend hours scouring Pinterest for unusual things that can be printed off and used, to celebrate the various seasons and occasions throughout the year.  This Christmas has been no different.  I have a folder full of tips and inspiration and I have to say that most of it has come from American bloggers (where do they get the time to design such gorgeous things?) who I follow on a daily basis.  Today, I wanted to share the links to some of these blogs so that you too can enjoy them.

Printable letter from Santa from - here.
This looks gorgeous when printed off and is ideal if your child/ren haven't yet sent their letter to Santa.
Hot Chocolate Bar printable from upcycled Treasures - here
 I have printed these and set up my own hot chocolate bar in the Kitchen.  Lauren loves this.
Santa's Key Printable from - here
I'm struggling to get an ancient key to make this, but I'm not put off.  It's really cute.
Kid's Christmas Party Printables from - here
There is so much in this pack for decorating a kid's Christmas Party.  I'm using these in my classroom for my class party.
8 x 10 Christmas Chalkboard images - here
These can be printed off in 8 x 10 size and framed.  I'm loving the chalkboard look at the moment.


  1. Loads of lovely printables and ideas here - I never this to look for things like this on Pinterest so thanks for the inspiration! Love the key printable, there must be loads of keys in charity shops that would work. #ChristmasCountdown

  2. I LOVE printables, so pleased someone else shares this too! Some lovely ones I have not seen before, especially the Santa letter.

  3. These are lovely, I especially like the chalkboard ones. Pinterest is so good for inspiration, what did we do before it! #Christmascountdown

  4. The key printout is brilliant :)


  5. These are so beautiful! I have a similar addiction to Pinterest... you can lose hours can't you! Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  6. Thanks all. Pinterest rules! #notenoughhoursintheday

  7. Aw I love the Santa key idea! - Some gorgeous printables here..I love pinterest too :)
    Dropping by from the #WeekendBlog Hop

    Thanks for sharing :)