Christmas | It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Happy December everybody. Today, I have got pictures of the tree in my kitchen-dining room.  I've gone for oranges, white and gold to match the decorating in the room.  I have taken my inspirations from the Bents pictures of trees I posted in November, as they always look stunning.
Check out the bungee cords on the cupboard doors, that keep Harry and Matthew out. 
 I have baubles of different textures on it, wording, gold berries and twigs.
I love the uniformity of artificial trees. It's so difficult to get that with a real one, but I know that I'm missing out on the scent that comes with them so that's where the Yankee Candles come in.  I'm currently burning Cranberry Ice.  It's gorgeous.
Harry and Matthew are trans-fixed by the tree and when we showed it to them for the first time, the look on their little faces was amazing.  They like to touch all of the different textures on it and I know for a fact that given two minutes of unsupervised play, it would be destroyed ha, ha! Little monkeys.
Why not have a look at my Pinterest board to get some more inspiration for gorgeous trees this Christmas.

More Pictures in the Photobooth


  1. What a lovely colour combination, perfect for slipping away from Autumn into the festive season. Beautiful :)