Christmas | Last-Minute To-Do List

With just one week to go until Christmas Eve, I thought I had better take stock of everything I still need to do.  Even though Christmas has been at the fore-front of my mind since Halloween finished, it still feels like everything has just crept up on me!
I have 2 more days to "work" in inverted commas.  Christmas has to be the best time in a Teacher's Calendar.  Tomorrow's Party Day and Friday is Toy Day. This gives me four full days to finalise the preparations. Do you strive to make this one better than the last?  I think I put too much pressure on myself at this time of year, but I can't miss any of the traditions out.
Here is a list of things I still need to do.
  I need to wrap all my relatives' presents and plan to have this done before Christmas Eve, so that I can chill before the big day. 
This is the first time I'll be making these this year.  I have collected all the items, but need to make them up.  There will be a basket for Mummy and Daddy too, of course. Check out my Pinterest page for ideas about Christmas Eve baskets.
I would like to try to clean all through, if possible, and plan to make spaces upstairs to put the presents Santa hopefully brings. In our house, the presents normally clutter everywhere up for days. I don't want this to happen this year, so I am thinking ahead for a more 'organised' experience.  Hopefully, the kids will play with things better, if it's not all out everywhere.  Well that's the plan!
What do you still have to do?

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