Britmums Live 2015 Blog Sponsorship Opportunity

Hi there my name is Nicola and I am looking for a brand to sponsor me to attend Britmums Live 2015.

What is Britmums Live 2015 and when is it?

BritMums Live! is the UK’s biggest, two-day social media conference and blogger event, where lifestyle bloggers and social influencers gather to meet and socialise, network with brands, improve their skills, and fire their creativity. BritMums Live has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of nearly 5,000 influential bloggers who create content about lifestyle, crafting, food, health, travel, education, tech, style and more.

When: Friday June 19 and Saturday June 20 2015
Where: The Brewery, London EC1Y 4SD

What can I offer your brand?

- Sponsored Posts. This would include an introductory post mentioning your brand as my sponsor and further sponsored posts throughout 2015 as agreed
- I can host a giveaway for you, or promote a special discount.
- I will run an advert in my sidebar for 12 months
- I will retweet your brand's tweets
- I will include a link to your website, every time I post about the conference
- I will add such conference posts to relevant linkys, to further enhance your advertising potential
- Tweet about your brand as often as I can
- Become an ambassador for the brand for the rest of 2015
 - Include the brand in any tweets, at the conference
- Use branded items at the conference, if available, such as pens and paper
- Promote the brand on my business cards and badge for the next 12 months.
I will, of course, consider any other options I haven't mentioned here.

What Sponsorship will I need?
In return for the above, I would need paid train fare for the event and for you to purchase my  event ticket. 
Please note, I can only attend the event on the Saturday, as I cannot request time off on the Friday as I work as a Primary Teacher. This saves on hotel costs, so every cloud has a silver lining!
If this sounds like something you are interested in, Please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I have blog connections with all major social-media channels, but you can email me at
I look forward to forging a positive relationship between the brand and myself.
Thanks for Reading,

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