Lifetyle | Feel Fab '15

Feel Fab '15 is my little 'brain-wave' moment that I had over New Year.  I am hoping to use this space to record anything and everything that makes me feel better in 2015.

In the past, if I have lost weight or improved an aspect of my appearance, I find that it always feels better, if others notice the change.  Now, I realise that this is slightly different in that I am 'shouting' about it on here, but for me the principle will hopefully be the same and I will feel more motivated to continue throughout the year. That's the plan anyway. Life has a habit of getting in the way of my 'brain-waves' so I cannot promise any major longevity with this project.  I just plan to see how it goes.  I plan to write as and when I feel like it. If I set myself a regular day of the week to post on, then I will find it a chore and that will defeat the object.

Expect to find information about my weight loss (hopefully), beauty/ pampering information, staying organised, nice things I have bought and so on. It's not a bragging tool, just a place to remind myself really, about all the good things in life, as I find it hard to focus on the positive, at times.

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