Lifestyle | Is Your Vehicle Prepared For Winter Driving?

Over the weekend, whilst shopping in Sainsbury's, it suddenly dawned on me that I still hadn't booked a service for my car.  Now, my service was due in October, but due to Christmas, I have been putting it off, to the point that I forgot all about it, until then.

I like to build a mountain out of a molehill, and will often over think a situation, and this is what has happened on this occasion.  I got home and immediately yelled at my husband that I'd still not booked a service, to which he replied, 'I know.'

Everything started to run through my head.  Things mainly to do with breaking down and the worry about my warranty being invalid, as I'd not kept to the yearly service date, sprang to mind.  One of my biggest panics, since having twins, is that I'll break down and have no pram in the boot.  How would I manage with two toddlers? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure I would, but the thought still enters my head on a regular basis.

I started to research getting some cover from a breakdown service, just in case, and whilst on the RAC website, I came across some excellent tips on preparing your vehicle for winter driving.  I'll be honest with you, I'd not given most of the things on the list, any thought, prior to reading it, but have since taken some action.

I am the one, in our family, who does most of the dropping off of the kids in the morning and would like to feel that we would be safe, if caught up in snow, or in icy conditions.  The first thing I did was, book my service in for early February to coincide with payday. I'll ask about that warranty thing then!

The next thing I did was badger my husband about the things on the RAC list. He assured me that he checks things like, the screen wash and the wiper blades. Neither of us has looked at the coolant for a while and we presume that the battery is fine as it starts, no problem, even on cold mornings.

The next thing we considered, before the service people pick up on it, is the tyres.  They say you should have winter tyres on your car, but again, I've never done this either.  The safety advice, states the obvious, but often ignored, advice, about a good tread on your tyres.  We looked and discovered that 3 tyres would pass, but 1 needs some attention.

I had a look on the internet and searched for a local tyre place to buy a new one.  This is when I came across Point S. 
Point S are so good, because you can order your tyre on-line and then go to the dealer to get it fitted at a time to suit you. This saves on a wasted journey, as you know it will be waiting for you when you arrive.  If you aren't very knowledgeable about tyres, like me, you can enter your reg number and they will tell you what tyres you need. Brilliant! They also stock winter tyres too and are a nationwide company, so you are sure to find a fitting centre near you, as I did in Manchester.
Another thing I read about on the RAC website, was the need to have a winter kit with you at all times in your car.  I plan to get one of these sorted out ,before it's too late.  You can get some excellent advice about what to put in your winter kit and driving in snow on the met office website.
I think we owe it to our kids to keep them safe in the car, we strap them in safely, but I for one, haven't given enough thought to the bigger picture.
Have you? Are you prepared?  Do you have winter tyres?  Do you have a winter kit?

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