Real Life | Our Weekend

We've had some pretty lazy Saturdays since Christmas, so I decided to do something for this one.  Me, Lauren, Harry, Matthew and Grandma caught the train from our local station, into Manchester.
I love that we live within walking distance of this station.  It runs to Manchester in one direction, and Liverpool in the other.  The only challenge we sometimes face is with the guards on the trains.  The entry doorways aren't very wide so some of them ask me to collapse the pram.  Are they for real?  Hold on a minute mate, just hold my bag while I hold these two and collapse the pram on the edge of the platform...Luckily yesterday, I managed to convince him that it would fit through and it did. Phew!
It takes about 45 minutes to get into Manchester and the time was filled speaking to Harry and Matthew about what we could see out of the windows.  Choo, Choo may have also been uttered once or twice too!
Lauren and her Grandma outside the Arndale Centre
When we go to Manchester, we usually follow the same routine.  It normally begins with coffee first, then shopping, then lunch, then more shopping and then a mad dash to catch the train back at about 4:00 PM. We never have time to fit everything in.
Yesterday was no different really, but Lauren had Christmas money with her and wanted to spend it in 'Build a Bear'.  She already has 5 of these bears that have been collected from Grandma and going to parties in the past, but for some reason she wanted another.
Off to 'Build a Bear' we went. 
I like how they can press the pedal themselves and I love how it gets pampered after it's stuffed!

We were in there for ages!

On Sunday, we had a yummy breakfast before getting to work on finishing the makeover of our
en-suite bathroom. The rest of the day was spent preparing for the week ahead.

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. That breakfast looks amazing!!
    Manchester is so lovely - always had such a lovely time going there xx

    1. Breakfast was good. You're right about Manchester, it's my little substitute for London. Thanks for reading.