Real Life | The Ordinary Moments 2015 - An Ordinary Day!

Today, an ordinary day, was the first day back at work for me. After 17 'blissful' days of playing 'yummymummy', as I see it, it was time to get back to 'normal'. What a culture shock.  The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m and was set to snooze for a further 15 minutes.  I enjoy my job, but this morning, it was a struggle to get up for my 'normal' day.

An ordinary day, is normally one that I feel comfortable with, second nature, something we have done for the last 13 months since I returned to work after maternity leave.  Why does 17 days away from the routine throw me into a panic? I felt sick with worry, this morning.  Tried to console myself that every other family was in the same boat.  Put 'Daybreak' on TV and started to feel a bit better.

Put the bags near the front door, felt better still.  Lauren came down without me having to shout her.  "What do you want for breakfast?" I received a normal response. "Soft toast, please". Soft toast it is.  How very normal!  Next, I could hear Harry and Matthew stirring upstairs. milk, microwave, two minutes.  I went to get them and bring them downstairs.

What next? I remember - nappies. Change nappies. Done.  I was starting to lose that sickly feeling.  Time to get ready. Lauren and I went upstairs and got ready as we always do.  Harry and Matthew watch Cbeebies in the lounge with the baby gate on for safety.  How very normal!

Harry and Matthew go to their grandma's house, while we work, 3 days with one grandma and 2 days with the other.  We arrive at about 8:15a.m on an ordinary day.  This was an ordinary day and we arrived on time.  They kick their little legs as we pull up outside and try to shout grandma as well as they can. Some things don't change do they? Before I knew it, I was doing it, I was living my ordinary day.

By the time I arrived at work at 8:30am, with Lauren in tow, (she attends the school where I work) Christmas was starting to feel like a blur.  "Morning," echoed out in the school hall, combined with "Happy New Year" and that was it. Bang! I was back. Another ordinary day.

By 3:30pm, I definitely felt like I had never been away.  On the way home, I liked that I knew what the evening would have in store. Ordinary is good and without it we wouldn't have the 'good times' to enjoy like we do on the extraordinary days.  I also believe that the kids like ordinary too. Even if my babas don't see as much of their mummy as I'd like them to.

An 'ordinary' bedtime at the end of an 'ordinary day !


  1. Aw a lovely post and I must admit I was nervous about my husband going back to work yesterday as I had got used to the help and the extra pair of hands- I work from home. But actually once we were back in the routine it was fine! And so funny but my daughter calls it 'soft toast' too- it's basically like warm bread but thats how we like it our house! ;)

  2. I was the same too but quite enjoying being back in our normal routine now. Lovely pics xx

  3. Thanks for reading. I'm well and truly back in the swing now and as for the toast thing, there's a fine line between done and 'burnt'. All hell breaks loose if it's a fraction too 'done' !