Real Life | The Ordinary Moments 2015 - Brownies on a Tuesday...

Since she was 7, Lauren has been going to Brownies on a Tuesday night.  She really enjoys the 90 minute sessions during term time.  As you can see from her sash, she has accumulated quite a number of badges.  They always seem to be busy working towards one badge or another.

The association celebrated 100 years of Girl Guiding in 2014 and Lauren went to Chester Zoo to join hundreds of other Brownies to celebrate 'The Big Brownie Birthday.' She gained quite a few badges for this too.
I am normally the one to take Lauren to Brownies on a Tuesday.  She gets in from school, with me, at around 4:30 pm and has her tea, before putting her uniform on.  I have to say that it has changed, for the better, from when I used to go in the early 1980s. 
My uniform looked more like this.
Lauren really enjoys Brownies and as a mother, I feel that it teaches her a lot of life skills that they just don't have the time to teach at school.  Of course, I also work on these with her at home, but she takes them more seriously, if everybody else is working on the same thing.
Just last week, they had been learning about healthy eating.  She came home with a '5 a day' chart and was really interested in making sure that she met the quota each day for that week.  I don't think she has ever really been interested in this, prior to bringing it home.
When I went to Brownies, some of the badges you had to choose from seemed a bit 'Ann Twacky', as I like to call them.  But all that has changed. They are bang up to date with today's technological world.  I was surprised really when I read through Lauren's badge book.
Lauren has also made some close friends at her Brownie pack.  They regularly go for days out and she has taken part in two Brownie camps, so far, which she is always ecstatic about. 
Poor Brown Owl!
I asked Lauren if she would like to add anything to this. 
This is what she said, " It's fun because we play games and we make things.  We sing songs and do acting.  I like working for my badges."
Tonight, after school, she said that she was tired and was looking forward to a cosy night in. 
I said, "No Brownies then?"
"Ooh, I forgot about that," she replied.
And was soon scrambling into her uniform again, ready for another exciting Tuesday evening away from the ipad.


  1. It's lovely to read this. I know Brownies still exists but as my little ones are younger I don't really get to know much about it. I loved it so much as a child and have such fond memories- I hope my girls will want to do it when they are a bit bigger too. x

  2. I used to go to Girls' Brigade when I was younger, which I think is quite similar. I think that the Brownies are such a great group to be a part of. You are right, not everything can be taught in schools and groups like this are brilliant! My son would like to join the Scouts but there is a long, long waiting list. It's great that your daughter loves it so much. Lovely. #OrdinaryMoments