5 ideas for World Book Day Costumes 2015

World Book Day 2015 is on March 5th 2015. Ever since Lauren has been at Primary School, she has taken part.   She's dressed up as Red Riding Hood, Belle, Cruella and she won, the year she dressed up as 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird'. 
Each year, apart from the year she was Belle, I have made Lauren's costume and got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest or good old Google. 
This year has been no different.  There are some brilliant ideas for costumes and with just one weekend to go, we'd better get cracking with the making.
Here are my 5 favourite ideas for this year.
Number 1
This is so easy to do and I love it. 
Number 2
This is one of my favourites.  I love the detail on the house.  It would be a winner, this one!
Number 3
Lauren wants to do this one.  I can make everything for it, but I'm thinking about the balloon part.  Papier Mache, I think.
Number 4
This is so cute and one of the easiest to do, in my opinion.
Number 5
Veruca Salt from 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.' Lauren wanted to do this last year, but we couldn't find a big purple top.  Another winner, this one!
If you would like to find out more about World Book Day, you can do so here
If you would like to see other costumes I have pinned, check out my Pinterest page here.


  1. Oh I love those! What can costumes. My fav is Stick Man, so adorable. I've got to dress up to, I've got no idea what I'm going as yet x

    1. I also love the stick man. He is so cute! I have to dress up too. I'm going as the wardrobe as in lion, witch and... We work in a three and I opted for this! Must be nuts. Thanks for popping over for a read :)

  2. What great costumes.....
    I hate World book day! I am rubbish when it comes to things like this. lol x

    1. I'm tired this week and I'm with you on the hate thing at the moment. No enthusiasm to make one but Lauren wants to win grrr! Thanks for popping over for a read :)