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Last weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't taken any pictures of Harry and Matthew's nursery.  So I grabbed the camera and clicked away, since it will be due for a make-over quite soon as they will be two in April.
Harry and Matthew have one of the smaller rooms in the house, because Lauren was here first so has naturally commanded the bigger room.  At the moment they share a room and store all of their toys in the 'spare' bedroom.  The big question is when we will split them into their own little space? They are so used to being together, I can't imagine when that will be.  We've decided to let them call the shots on this one.
So without further a do, I'll take you on a tour of Harry and Matthew's nursery.
This is the view as you walk through the door.  The furniture was once pine and was used as Lauren's nursery furniture.  My Husband 'lovingly' painted it white for me to match the colour scheme I had in mind for them.
The laundry basket matches the rest of the deco in the room.  It is called 'Transport' and is from a company called kidsline. You will probably still be able to collect the various pieces, if you search for it online.
Now, I couldn't do without that laundry basket.  It houses all of Harry and Matthew's dirty washing together, which makes it easier to wash and arrange them back into matching outfits at the end.
The cushions and the nappy stacker are from the same range.
Boris, the bear is from Mamas and Papas.  He plays a tune when you pull his tail.  We love him.

We have 2 little blue matching comforters from Tesco.  They are generally used for decoration only.
The night light was only £1.00 from a cheapy shop like Poundland. It was a god-send in the early days, when one of them woke up and you only wanted a really low light.  It's battery powered, so could be moved around the room.  I've had it on the floor next to me when I've been changing a nappy in the night.
The blankets and sheets are all 'Transport' from Kidline.
I like to use this shelve to store fluffy white towels for bathtime.

A cuddly close up.  Moo Moo is very special to us.  We bought two of them from Ambleside in the Lake district, when Harry and Matthew were about 4 months old.  Sadly, we lost one of them in the Trafford Centre.  I am always on the look out for another Moo Moo, to replace his lost friend.

The curtains are from Tesco, but the pelmet is Kidsline, once again.  Hubby had to make a box to accommodate the pelmet, but I love the look of it.
On top of the wardrobe, we have 2 cameras angled at each cot.  They work from one monitor.  They have been really good cameras and are still used today, so that I can hear them when they wake, more than anything else.
All bedding is 'Transport' at Kidsline.  The duvets are really thick and brilliant quality. The little holes you can , unfortunately, see on the wallpaper, are due to having to remove the cameras.  They wouldn't leave them alone, which was both funny and annoying at the same time. 
A closer look at the bedding.  The cots are from Ikea.

The wallpaper is from Mamas and Papas.  It's from the 'Scrapbook Boy' range.
The pictures are 'Transport' at Kidsline.
Cute little money boxes. These were sitting next to each other on the shelf in 'Home Bargains'. I was really chuffed when I saw them.
The bookcase is made from Ikea spice racks, painted white. I think it looks great. Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas on using these racks as bookshelves.
This sign is my favourite.  It's from a shop up 'The Shambles' in York.  They grab at it when they can though, hence the chipped paint marks in the background.
It is hanging on their bedroom door.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my babies nursery.


  1. I love your nursery. The white and pale blue combo looks fab. I'm sure they'll love the transport theme as they get bigger.

    1. Aw Thank You. I do love the colours in their room, but feel a little change coming on quite soon! I'm always changing my mind. Thanks for reading ;)

  2. It's so funny!! I took some pics of the boys nursery just the other day, as I realised I hadn't got round to it!! :) It's lovely to see how other twin mums have decorated their nurseries! Your boys are only a couple of months younger than my two! X #BrillBlogPosts

    Caro |

    1. Thanks for reading. I'll have a pop over to your blog and check it out :)