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For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with all things American.  I get it from my dad.  When we were young, he would plan American holidays and read travel books and tell us his ideas.  This culminated in a family holiday to Orlando in my mid-teens. We all loved it and a spark was ignited in me that has never left, and I doubt it ever will.
Since then, my Mum and Dad have been back to Orlando and Miami and The Keys, along with The West Coast Trail.  The stories they have told me about 'The Keys', in particular, make me eager to visit myself, one day.  They stayed in an old brothel, that is now a guest house, with fresh baked muffins for breakfast every morning.  Bliss!
My own American adventures have seen me visiting New York and for our honeymoon. we went to Las Vegas,  Hawaii and San Francisco. My favourite place was New York, but I have to admit that Hawaii wasn't the paradise I expected.
I still want to visit Boston, New England and Cape Cod, Memphis and to go back to New York with Hubby.  I would also love to take the kids back to Orlando when the babies are older.
Now you may be thinking 'so what, they're just holidays', but for me the American way of life is something that 'drives me' on a day to day basis.
I have a vision of what my house would look like. It changes with the seasons.  It would be a big colonial house, not a swanky New York apartment. It looks something like this.

The Porch would be slightly different with enough room to decorate for the seasons.  Halloween would look something like this.

and Christmas would be like this.

I remember the day I first discovered Pinterest  I pinned all day, that day.  American craft bloggers amaze me with the seasonal things they make.  I read far more American blogs, than I do, UK.  My favourites being
and loads more.
The interior of my house would be spacious.  It would be organised and labelled with chalkboard labels in my pantry.
There would be a laundry room like this.
I love the powder in those glass jars.  Laundry wouldn't be a chore would it?
We would have a command centre and the kids would play baseball in roasting hot summers and build snowmen in freezing cold winters.
There would be a mud room to store the outdoor equipment.
Seriously though, who has the space to have a 'mudroom'?
Every time a seasonal event is approaching, I turn to Pinterest for ideas and inevitably become drawn to decorating using printables from America.
It doesn't stop there either.  I have a 'Mommy planner' for household chores and a Teacher 'Binder' for my job, both printed from Etsy.  I also get my classroom printables from other American teachers and my classroom would look like this, if it was possible over here.
I think you're probably getting the idea.  I am Envious with a capital E of the people who get to live in these houses.  Is life really like it is on Home Alone?  I dream that it is.  Everything is bigger, everything is better, in my opinion, in the good old U S of A!
For me though, it is just that, An American Dream.  I know the reality would be much different.  For now I'll just keep on pinning and visiting as often as I can.
I don't want to burst my bubble.


  1. OMG me to I love all things American , and would move there in a heartbeat, the houses are so much more beautiful and romantic x

  2. Me too!! I follow far more American blogs and long for their proportions in our house. In fact I bought our house because although it doesn't have a porch, there is some scope for decorating. I love thier style X

  3. I'm so with you on this! My Aunty moved over to just outside Washington about years ago. I haven't been to her house for about 10 years but really want to take the kids. When I was there and more recently in New York I just felt at home. I even got asked for directions when we'd only been there about 10 mins so I must have looked at home too! My Aunt's house is one of the white/blue colonial styles with the huge porch and a garden big enough for horses!! x

  4. sounds amazing I love how the americans seem to throw them selves into everything like the holidays and go so over the top sometime were too boring in the UK! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars