Review | My Buddy Box

In February, I was sent a 'My Buddy Box' to review.  When I took it out of the packaging, it looked like this.
 It's made to look like a brief case, with a handle.  There are a choice of colours and designs available.
When the Buddy Box is unfolded, it looks like this.
The company who make 'My Buddy Box' wanted something that was portable, durable and attractive, that could replace carrier bags in supermarkets. In 8 months time there will be a plastic bag tax coming into force.  I kid you not.  Every single bag you use when shopping, will cost you 5p.
The Buddy Box is made to withstand up to 20kg in weight and measures approximately 80cm x 30cm when made up.  It takes seconds to unfold and there is a handy slider rail, which makes the structure of the box even sturdier.
The box comes with a lifetime guarantee and it certainly feels quite strong when you are using it.
Unfortunately, and this isn't the company's fault, I kept forgetting to take my box to the supermarket with me, so I haven't got any pictures of this happening.  I'm certain I won't forget when the tax is in force though and will be so glad, I have 'My Buddy Box'.
Instead, I used the box for our recent caravanning trip.  Storage in the van is key and this is where the box came into its own.
I managed to fit all of the children's clothes in for the weekend and the box was folded down into the much smaller briefcase, once in the caravan. (As in Picture 1)
This box has a multitude of potential uses and I'm sure it will come in very useful in the future.
If you would like to find out more about 'My Buddy Box', their website is here. 
You can also find them on twitter @MyBuddyBox
A Buddy Box is £14.99 and if you use code MOSS, you will receive free postage and package for a limited time only.
We were sent a 'My Buddy Box' for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.

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