52 Week Photography Challenge - Week 17

The theme is 'Favourites'.
I'm running a bit late with this one, this week, but still hanging in there.  The themes on some of the weeks are rather tricky to do, if you are not out and about and able to photograph landscapes etc.

We're not in a position to do this at the moment, so I'm being as creative as I can with the themes, with what I have to hand.
My 'favourite' candles of all time are Yankees.  I have a special jar that I keep them all in and I literally sit there and take the lid off and have a big sniff every now and again.  I adore the smell.
It makes me feel calm, and good. 
Every time I see a Yankee Candle stand, I have to buy them, even if I have loads waiting to burn at home.  I like collecting the scents and check on the website regularly to see which new ones are due out.
Do you like Yankee Candles?

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