Lifestyle | Easter Saturday Visit to Bents Garden Centre

We decided, earlier this week, that we would visit Bents again this weekend.  We haven't been since Christmas and you can read all about this here.
It's the first time I have been, when it's not Christmas, for a very long time and I must say it was brilliant. I could have spent hours, but we only arrived at 3:00 pm, so we were pushed for time with having 3 hungry children with us.
As soon as we walked through the door, we were met with this seasonal lady and then this...

This caravan was really gorgeous and we had to have a picture, being avid caravanners ourselves.
Everything just oozed Easter and spring.  It was a real feast for the eyes, as it is at Christmas.  I didn't know where to head to first.

We looked at all of the amazing garden furniture and ultimately wished we had a much bigger garden to have all of it.
Lauren then spotted a notice saying that chicks were hatching in the children's boutique so we made our way over there.
Lauren got to hold one of the chicks and I was over the moon that this was possible, the day before Easter.  It was really special.
Harry and Matthew were also involved, but wanted to grab the poor thing!
After this, Lauren went into the craft shop while we looked at the spring plants for baskets and tubs. 
I was completely spoilt for choice.  These are pictures of some of the pots, I liked.

We bought some of the purple ranunculus and violas ready to update a pot near the front door that had a Christmas/winter display in it. Picture here.
I will post a picture on Instagram of the updated pot, when we plant it up tomorrow.
After we had visited this section, we noticed that there was a play area and the weather was warm, so we went to explore it more.
It was very safe and well suited to both younger and older children.  Harry and Matthew had a great time, accompanied by Lauren and I, while Daddy sat in the sun.
Check out these pictures of the play area.
We all had a really good time.
The visit to Bents finished with the obligatory visit to the Yankee candle section.  I always enjoy picking a couple of new scents up.
I will definitely be visiting again in a month or so, for plants for my baskets.  I will have to pay a visit to the café next time though.

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