Lifestyle | Five Things You Can Do While Your Baby is Sleeping

Sleep too is what they say, but why do they say to do this?  It has never ever been possible with my children.  When does the washing get done and the bottles made and the housework get done?  And also, when do Mum or Dad get any 'me' time, if they sleep when baby does?
So without a further a do, I thought I would share with you some of the things I do when my two are asleep.
1. Cleaning: I rarely get time when Harry and Matthew are awake, so once they sleep I try to clean a room a day in detail.
2. Have a shower: It's not possible to have a proper, relaxing shower when they are awake, because they are in to everything and I can't take my eye off them.
3. Catching up: This could be with emails, blogging, Pinterest scouring or simply giving myself a beauty treatment.  I have recently got into doing my own nails.
4. Eat: This one is on here because I never seem to be able to have anything anymore without it being shared 3 ways.  Sometimes this is cute, but other times annoying.
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