Real Life | Harry and Matthew's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday, it was Harry and Matthew's 2nd Birthday.  We did have plans to go to Drayton Manor Theme Park to visit the newly improved 'Thomas Land, but changed our ideas in the middle of last week.

Harry and Matthew are very lively toddlers- I want to say babies, but know that I shouldn't. I don't think they are ready for a theme park experience yet.  They wouldn't cope with queuing up for rides, without performing their 'escape artist' trick from their pram.

The other thing that made me change my mind, was that they also wouldn't cope with being put in and out of their pram after every ride.  And neither would I.  My nerves would be shot at after about half an hour.

So we decided that this can be a visit for next year when they are 3.  We decided to go to a farm that is quite close to us instead.

The day began with the opening of presents.  This went ok apart from the fighting over the one Thomas balloon I had bought for them to share. 

Twin Mum rule number 1 - Think very carefully about what can be shared and what can't.
Balloons should not on the list and in hindsight I should have realised this.  The balloon was popped within 10 minutes of the fighting commencing and Harry was very upset by this.

Matthew was the one who was more interested in opening the presents, but Harry liked to play with them in more detail.  After present opening, we got ready and received a visit from Grandma and Grandad, bringing presents. 

At about 11:30 a:m, we left for the farm.  You can find out more about our visit and Harry and Matthew's Birthday by watching the video below.

The day ended with a birthday bump for Harry.  He banged and cut his head on his new toddler bed, bless him.  But all in all it was a lovely day.


  1. It is odd suddenly having toddlers rather than babies (although they are always babies to us...). We did Thomas Land this year - Harry is three and Teddy is one. Teddy was just excited at looking about and is still young enough not to get too cross at queuing and Harry was astounded by the amount of "Thomas" there was! Try a Day Out With Thomas as a mini experience - Harry was two and a half when we did one and he LOVED it. Happy Birthday Harry and Matthew! Georgie xx

    1. I know.we still say babies now too. I really fancy Thomas Land, but you're right, A Day Out With Thomas would probably be better. There's one coming up in Bury in May. Will probably try that. Thanks for having a read x

  2. bless them happy birthday sounds like a lovely day and i think good shout on leaving thomas land till next year they will appreciate it alot more at that age! thanks for linking up to sunday stars

    1. Thank you. Yeah, it will hopefully be better next year. :)

  3. Julia Winstanley9:02 pm, August 01, 2016

    I took mine to Peppa Pig world when they were about 2 weeks off turning 4. I'm glad I waited till they were that bit bigger x