Twins | 5 Reasons Why I Dress My Twins The Same

Just lately, I have suddenly become interested in what other people think about dressing twins the same.  Ever since I found out that I was pregnant with identical boys, I just knew that I wanted mine to wear the same clothes.  Most people that I have come across seem to think that dressing twins the same is fine and something they would do, but not everybody shares this view.  I have recently read some research which suggests that dressing twins the same, doesn't allow them to become true individuals and that they struggle to see themselves as individuals as a result.

I read a blog post recently, where the author didn't share the same views as me.  She had twins of her own and thought that dressing them identically was 'creepy'.  I was fine with what she had to say - everybody is entitled to their opinion.
My boys wear exactly the same items of clothing every day.  They sleep in the same pyjamas as each other, wear exactly the same colour and type of socks and the same vest, even though it can't be seen.  They wear the same coats and the same shoes, but I do put their own name in their shoes, since I believe that the shoe is moulded to their own individual little foot.
When I say, 'the same,' I mean exactly the same colour and style.  I can't dress them in the same type of top, but one has it in blue and the other in red.  It just doesn't seem right to me. 
When I shop, I buy two of everything.  I have sometimes questioned my motif for doing this as it would be far cheaper to buy one wardrobe and for each boy to wear whatever from that one selection of clothing.  I just can't do it though.
These are my five reasons for dressing them identically.
1 - I do it because I can and I want to.  Bugger the research and what others think. At the end of the day, they are my children and I want to dress them in this way for the time being.  I already know that I won't do this forever.  I'm thinking that I'll stop when they start school or as soon as they object.  I was recently speaking to a visitor to my work place.  It emerged, in our conversation, that he was an identical twin. The one piece of advice he had for me was about dressing the same.  He said I should know when it's time to stop before it becomes embarrassing for the child and I completely agree with him.  I also think about mums who have two same sex children who are close in age.  Some I have seen, tend to choose outfits the same for their children, so why not with twins?
2 - Another reason, is for safety.  When we go out to soft play, it is much easier for me to spot them when they have the same clothing on. 
3 - It is easier in a morning.  Like all households, it's a mad dash in ours in a morning.  I have to have us all dressed and out pretty quickly.  I have a special laundry basket in the boys' room for their clothing.  It gets washed separately from ours and then folded and stored in pairs.  I plan what they are wearing for the week and store it in baskets labelled with the days of the week.  Why would I want to add to the stress of the day by finding an outfit for one, then another for the other.  I'm all for making life as easy as possible and this works great for us. 
4 - I think they look cute.  I do like how they look when they're dressed the same.  I have taken some lovely photos of them wearing the same.  When they get new clothes, one looks at the other wearing the item and seems excited that they are going to be getting the same item.
5 - If you are blessed with twins, I think it's only right that as a mother you celebrate and enjoy the differences that this brings from just having a singleton. I treat my children as individuals all the time.  They are never referred to as 'the twins' and they choose for themselves what they want, but why not have some fun while there are two of them? 
I realise that opinions differ on this subject and it is down to the parents to decide.  I just wanted to share what works for us and the thinking behind it for now.


  1. I dressed my identical girls alike the first few months, mostly because all our baby shower gifts were doubles. For a while, they asked to dress alike a few times a week although I leaned towards coordination over identical outfits. Now, they have very different styles. M prefers shorts, skirts and jeans, while J is all about sweatpants and yoga pants. M looooooves stripes, but J prefers bold images and prints. If we're going somewhere very crowded, I'll ask them to wear matching shirts or sweatshirts, just for easy identification in a crowd, especially since they're old enough to do some exploring away from me. In fact, I bought both girls and both their best friends matching sweatshirts to make it easier to keep track of all four of them!

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  2. I think it looks super cute while they are young but I definitely think that as they get older it's important for them to have their own style. You are so organised - I know you have to be with double but my, I wish I could be that organised!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday