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I don't claim to be any form of an expert here, but I thought I would share what worked for us in the first few weeks of Harry and Matthew being born.  I am already starting to forget some of the details, and don't want to sound patronising, but believe me, they were the easiest days in hindsight. 
Harry and Matthew were born 7 weeks early and had to spend 19 days in SCBU to enable them to feed and grow.  During this time, the neo-natal nurses made detailed notes about their feeding and bowel habits, which were available for us to read at the bottom of each cot.

When we came home, I had a notebook and continued with some of this recording for myself.  This was useful because when you are tired and have 2 to look after, it can soon become confusing who drank the most milk, how much they drank, what time they fed etc.  I could easily see how they were beginning to take more milk as the weeks passed and when the Health Visitor came, she liked how I had recorded what was happening.  It saved me having to remember what I had to tell her.  I also recorded their nappy changes in there too.  Don't get me wrong, it was nothing too detailed, just note form with times and amounts and I only did it for about the first month.
We did buy 2 of everything and there are certain things that you need 2 of. We had 4 moses baskets/cribs.  2 baskets in the lounge and the cribs in our bedroom.  The thing I remember from having Lauren, was carting the moses basket up and down stairs morning and night and I didn't want this upheaval with 2 babies.  It worked really well.
Not everybody agrees with routine, but I followed Gina Ford's 'Contented Little Baby' with Lauren, My older daughter and I did exactly the same with Harry and Matthew.  They slept longer in the night at exactly the same times as each other.  If I could kiss Gina Ford then I would. I stuck to the guide for feeding times and sleep times, but didn't put them 'in the nursery' to sleep in the day.  I also didn't stick to her rules for mum getting dressed at 8 0'clock and eating a piece of toast - Hilarious.  This book lasted me through the first six months and the babies were pretty much 'textbook'. 
If I could give any further advice with feeding and routines it would be:
"What you do with one, do with the other!"

If you are doing one nappy then do the other.  You have all the stuff out anyway.  I simply cannot imagine what it would have been like to not do this.

I bottle fed Harry and Matthew.  I stressed myself out before they were born about feeding them on my own. How on earth do you hold 2 babies and 2 bottles, I wondered?  Well this is what I did.  I used the chairs that you can see in the first picture - they reclined right back on stands and are by Fisher Price.  I sat on the floor with my back to the sofa and had one baby in the seat to my left and one to the right.  I balanced my arms on the frame of the chair and fed away whilst watching day-time TV.
My final piece of advice would be not to buy too many 'going out' outfits for the first few weeks.  My two lived in sleep suits for a very long time. It was just easier to do this, in the beginning.
And that is it really.  My baby days in a nutshell!  I hope you have found some of this information useful.

Nicola x



  1. Great post — I keep meaning to write my top twin tips too in my blog!! I have it written down in a book but would be good to share with other twin mamas :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |

  2. Hi Nicola great post. I did a top 5 things I would recommend buying for twins and had the two rockers in there as well. I wasn't going to buy two of these but then was given them as a present and was so glad of it in the end. We went straight into one cot in the nursery which I don't know if it worked as my boys are still not great sleepers. I think if I have any more I am going to use the 'Contented Baby' as a guide as I feel that I could have got into more of a routine earlier if I had.

    1. Thanks for reading. I would thoroughly recommend Contented Little Baby to anyone. You are very brave considering more after twins lol #scarredforlife