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This summer we have booked 2 holidays.  First, we are going back to Cala Bona in Majorca in July and in August we are going down to Newquay in Cornwall.  We have been to both of these places before.  They are amongst my favourite places to visit in the whole wide world, so far.

Cala Bona is a lovely, chilled out place to go.  It is situated on the east coast of Majorca and is usually very hot and sunny when we go.  It borders with the livelier resort of Cala Millor, and then on to Sa Coma.  It is possible to walk all the way along the front to each resort.  There is also a dedicated cycle track marked out along the promenade and you can hire those family bikes that seat 6 or more, which are great fun.
In previous years we stayed in a hotel, but we found the times of the evening meal to be unsuitable with having the babies.  For this reason, we have booked a self catering apartment, this year.  There are loads of places to eat out at night, so this won't be a problem.
The night life, in Cala Bona, is geared  to families and couples.  There is one disco place which blends into the background, more than anything. I have never seen any groups of young people here.  There are street entertainers, a small children's activity fun park with the biggest bouncy castle I have ever seen, trampolines, bungees  and go karts.  Many people just saunter along the promenade.  We like to visit the activity fun park and then call in at a couple of bars.   The Hotel Cala Bona and The Atalon Hotel, have great entertainment with tribute acts etc. to watch.  Don't be put off.  The quality of the acts is top class and they are always very popular.  Everything quietens down by midnight.

Cala Bona is a really relaxing place to go with the harbour at one end and the beach at the other.  We just love it!

Newquay, Pictured above, is a place I have been visiting since I was 3.  I can't remember how many times I have been here, but it's a lot.  More than 20 times, easily.  Now, don't get me wrong, Newquay has a bit of a reputation with the young uns' at times and stags and hens are known to frequent the town at the weekend.  You can avoid this if you want to.

We are going here with our touring caravan in August.  We will probably have to break the journey up with a night stop part way down as it takes us a good six hours to get there and with 2 toddler boys, this could get interesting.

We tend to use Newquay as our base and go for lots of days out from here.  There is so much to do, I couldn't possibly list it all on here.  If it is sunny, we head for the beaches.  You cannot beat them. 

At night, we usually stay on the camp site and enjoy any entertainment that is happening or simply have a bbq and chill.

No doubt, there will be some holiday spam or vlogs to follow when we've been.

What are your holiday plans?

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  1. Wow! Have a glorious time! Last summer was the first time I'd taken a real holiday (not just one to visit family) in over a decade. Actually, we did end up visiting family, but we made most of the 2-day drive from Texas to South Carolina and equivalent drive back. Also, while we were staying with my uncle and aunt, my daughters and I did some sneaking off to explore by ourselves. Unfortunately, US employers aren't particularly generous with holidays. I'm lucky that, working at a university, I get two weeks off for the winter, but my daughters visit their dad every other year during that time, and traveling without them just isn't all that appealing. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday.