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Duvet covers can really transform the look of a room.  I personally prefer to keep the walls plain and go for a vibrant print on the bed.  Lauren is at that age, at the moment, where she wants a nice bedroom.  She likes going on Youtube and seeing how the Americans do it.  We are in the process of updating her room as she will soon be a 'tween' and is looking for a more grown up look and we like the look of the Duvet covers above.
Number 1 is our favourite duvet cover from Yorkshire Linen for a very reasonable £12.99.  The thing I like about this one is the fact that there are matching curtains available too.  It's so good when they do the curtains to match the duvets.

Number 2 is also from Yorkshire Linen for a bargain price of £9.99. We like how this one uses colours that are not your usual pinks and turquoises.

Number 3 is from Dunelm and uses the popular campervan pattern again. This one also has matching curtains available. I like how bright and vivid the colours are in this one.

Number 4 is from BHS and we like it because, again, the colours used are more unusual.  The bright yellow is bang on trend at the moment.

Number 5 is from Dunelm, again and is more traditional with the use of a floral pattern.

We are looking forward to updating the look of Lauren's room and will do another post about what we actually chose in a couple of weeks.

Which is your favourite Duvet Cover?

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  1. I have never thought to go to the Yorkshire Linen company for children's bedding before and there is a one near where we live too. I love the first duvet cover and i know my 12 year old would love this too x