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This is my first blog post for almost 2 months.  I can't pin-point the reason why exactly.  'Things' have just snowballed.  I have missed it and have continued to enjoy reading other people's blogs throughout this time.  I've often felt a yearning to write a blog post during this time, especially after reading a good one, or seeing a nice picture on a blog, but haven't had enough 'something' to enable me to do it.

A couple of months ago, around the time I stopped blogging, it dawned on me like a bolt out of nowhere, that Harry and Matthew weren't saying very much.  I am a massive worrier and I think it is this that lead to my lack of motivation to blog.  I had many worries going round in my head about why they might not be saying much and blamed some of it on myself.  Should I be blogging?  Could I have spent more time giving them input?
I do suffer from anxiety, and I'll tell no lies about the fact that I have struggled greatly with it over the last couple of months. I worry about one thing, which then leads to a worry about something else.  I can't even begin to tell you on here, what I worry about on a daily basis.
The good news is that I feel a lot better.  Harry and Matthew are talking much more and I am no longer concerned to the degree that I was.  I know that blogging will help me even more.  The opportunity to get back into a hobby I was just beginning to enjoy.  It takes your mind off things.  Allows you to be creative. 
So here it is, my first blog post.  I've done it.  Hopefully there'll be plenty more posts to follow.  I've picked a picture of Matthew to go with this post.  I know I'm biased, but I think it's gorgeous and it makes me smile. 



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