Mother's Day | Gift Guide 2016

Mothering Sunday is on March 6th this year and for me this seems really early. I always have to give my family little ideas about what to buy so I've been busy collecting a few ideas for them here, before time runs out.

 A firm favourite of mine is Yankee Candles and I'm now ready to update my collection with some spring scents. These are from the new My Serenity collection and are £8.99 on the Yankee Candle UK website.

I need a new burner for my Yankee wax tarts as mine has a chip in it (yuk).  This one is a bit pricey at £14.99, but I love the beaded effect of the translucent glass mosaic.  Again this is from the Yankee website.
The older I grow the more I realise that my mother is the best bestfriend I ever had. 
The travel wallet is from River Island for £7.00. It is meant for storing credit style cards.  I have so many cards for different things, it would be nice to just have a couple stored in here.  I like the summery colours in this one.
And finally, I would like a magazine subscription to The Simple Things.  How nice would it be to receive a favourite magazine through the post once a month.  It's the gift that keeps on giving!
I am also going to print this poem off for my frame in my office.  I love the words.  They make me stop and think what being a 'proper' Mummy is really about.

*Some of these items are no longer available.

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