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Project Pinterest is a new feature I am hoping to start on the blog. I often get frustrated by how often I pin on Pinterest, but never do anything constructive with what I like.  I've decided to save some of my pins in a 'latest pins' folder with the hope of trying out some of it and then writing about how successful we were on the blog.
So first up, this week, is this 2 ingredient pizza dough which immediately caught my eye, but can you really make a good dough with only 2 ingredients.  We put it to the test!
This is the original pin.
And this is how you make it.
 The first thing I did was to try to mix it into a dough.  You do need to add the extra flour. 1 cup wouldn't be enough, but it did make a nice stretchy dough and I was very impressed.

It recommends that you roll it out on grease proof paper both top and bottom, which we did, but it's not totally necessary, if you haven't got the paper.

The next part was the best part.  I loved letting the boys add their own toppings to them.

They loved this part too.  Next time I would add the toppings while the dough is on the baking tray, because it was quite tricky to transfer to the tray when we did it this way.
They turned out really well and the boys thoroughly enjoyed them.
We made more later that night for Hubby and I and I can confirm that they too were a success. You can check out my Instagram for a picture of the one we made.  We have a pizza oven in the garden and can't wait to use it this summer with this brilliant 'make ahead' dough.
Do you make your own pizza dough?
Nicola x
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    1. Wow! Thank you very much Paula. That's very kind of you. I hope your readers enjoy making the dough. 😊