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How was your weekend?  Ours has been a pretty mixed bag really.  On Friday afternoon, we went to our local garden centre to get plants for the hanging baskets I have planned to make in my Hello April post.  They are going to be orange, purple and red, but as yet they are still sitting on the playhouse roof for a good 'ole watering before we plant them up in a couple of weeks. 
We also got a white rose, which I'm going to plant in memory of my Nan who passed away last Tuesday aged 88 and some other white bedding plants for the pots in the back garden.  I also managed to grab a piece of homemade Malteser cheesecake while I was there - the worst I've ever had - so bad I didn't even take a picture of it for Instagram!

On Saturday, we planted the plants in the pots and after much deliberation about whether to buy a new BBQ this year, we decided to give our own a lick of paint and a spruce up.  It turned out really well. It was originally silver and black, but the silver had gone all streaky looking and yuck, so we painted it all black.

On Saturday night, the dreaded sick bug struck.  Matthew was affected and I was immediately concerned as he had surgery last week for an accident he suffered in a garden.  I thought his wound might be infected, but it turns out that it must have been a bug, because hubby and my dad were struck down too on the Sunday.
On Sunday, I took my mum into Manchester for a bit of a holiday shop.  We go to Cala Bona, in Majorca, in 4 weeks and I needed to get stuff.  I really liked these shoes in Next, but I haven't bought them yet.  I can think of loads of ways to wear them and I definitely plan on going back for them. Despite the rain, it was a good afternoon out and we bought enough for a haul, from Primark.  Maybe I'll do one...

Later on, on Sunday, Lauren came home from her friends and they had made Rocky Road using up Easter Eggs.  It looked very nice.

And that was it really.  Another busy one, but enjoyable all the same apart from the sicky washing I had to sort out on Sunday Morning!
Nicola x

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  1. I Love planting and buying flowers!!
    Im hoping to get holly into it as well. We bought some seeds and she helped me empty the pots for the next time its nice!!
    Great post. you baskets will look lovely in those colours.

  2. Love the look of the planting, that sick bug doesn't sound much fun though #TwinklyTuesday