Father's Day | Celebrating Father's Day with Children

It doesn’t matter how tiny your children are, receiving a card or gift that they have personalised with a scribble or a finger painting is so special. Father’s Day is fast approaching, so I've been having a think about some ideas I can come up with for the kids to do to celebrate. There are lots of great cards in the shops already, but a handmade card from the kids is always more appreciated.

As well as messy finger painting and cute drawings of Daddy, children could use stickers. My children love stickers! Not all small children enjoy holding a crayon, but most of them love putting stickers on everything! You can find car stickers, football stickers, food stickers, and even letter stickers in craft stores. Older children,might have a go at writing in the card. Some may even compose a few lines of poetry, like my daughter likes to do.

Gift cards
Of course, the card could be more than a display of your child’s artistic talents. You can add a gift to the package. Glue dots have many applications and one of the best is for sticking plastic gift cards into a Father’s Day card. Your children may have some ideas of the best places for sourcing a gift card. It might be a pizza restaurant or the cinema. Stick it in, and then the card will be in place until Dad removes it when he heads off to spend it.

My children also love baking and they have already asked if they can make their Dad some healthy flapjacks or cookies to celebrate Father’s Day? Lauren has even talked about doing breakfast in bed. We plan to get Harry and Matthew involved too. After all, what child doesn’t love stirring the mixture and having a quick taste when your back is turned? Decorating the cake or biscuits when they’ve cooled is also great fun. We might have a go at writing ‘Daddy’ in icing, but this can sometimes look quite messy can't it?

An elaborate meal out is not practical for us at the moment as we have three year old twins who need to be in bed early. But a carpet picnic in front of the TV can be great fun for everyone as a one-off treat. You can supply all of Dad’s favourite foods. Paper plates would be ideal for this. If you’re worried about the carpet, you could use a plastic or vinyl craft covering under the picnic blanket. Cups with straws could be perfect for everyone too.

Helping Out
Father’s Day is about spoiling your partner. Perhaps the kids can have a go at some of the Daddy chores for the day. It can be good fun to try grown-up activities. Help them have a go at sweeping the floor, or using the vacuum cleaner. A big cuddle with Daddy can be a great payment for a job well (or half) done!

Father’s Day is quite a big deal for the kids in our house. Your children will probably enjoy working hard to show their Dad how much they love him too. If they are like my kids though, after a couple of hours of being so well behaved, they may forget it’s Dad's special day! Help your kids show Dad how much he means to them with some of these great ideas for Father’s Day.

What are your plans for Father's Day?

Nicola x

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