Hello May

I'm a bit (lot) late with this post, but I do like doing them, so here goes.  April wasn't such a great month for us.  My Nan passed away a day before her 89th Birthday and Matthew had a terrible accident the day after - he fell into a greenhouse and had to be airlifted to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. Details here.
It wasn't all doom and gloom though. We celebrated Harry and Matthew's 3rd Birthday.  It was a Paw Patrol themed affair and we had a lovely weekend.
So what else did I have planned for April and how did it go?
Well I bought the hanging baskets that I planned to use to make ball shaped displays.  I also bought the flowers in orange, red and purple.  We've not had chance to plant them up yet, but plan to this weekend, if the weather is good enough. 
I bought the rustic crate for my shelves for my BBQ area.  It now needs painting and putting up on the fence ready for the BBQ season to begin.

This is kind of the look I'm trying to achieve with the red and white checks, but not the Coca Cola.
The cake in a loaf tin - we made it - it was a disaster.  I followed a recipe that I'd found on Pinterest for Dark Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread - here.  It was so bad, that I haven't got the heart to put a picture of it on the blog.  It was flat and so stodgy, it gave us belly ache-yuck! 

It should have looked like this, but ours was nothing like it.
The month of May was come when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom and to bring forth fruit - Thomas Malory
So what are our plans for May?

In the Garden

The baskets need planting up and I'd like to get everything more BBQ ready.  I'm loving the rustic look for the garden and would like to collect a few fleece blankets to create a similar look to this.

Lauren is getting her duvet and curtains updated this month.  It's all about the pastels! We like the Donut duvet from Primark and plan to buy this and a pair of plain coloured pastel curtains for a quick update.
And that's about it really.  We are going to Cala Bona in Majorca at the end of May, during half term and I'm at work all week, so most of my weekends will be spent shopping, planning and packing for this.
Here's hoping for a bit of sun this month, so we can get in the garden.
Nicola x
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