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We tend to think our bedrooms are sleep friendly, but are they really providing us with the tranquil setting we so desire at the end of a long day.  You would think that bedrooms are inherently sleep-friendly because they have a bed in them, but is that all you need for a good night's sleep? 
If all bedrooms were inherently sleep-friendly, how would we explain the fact that so many of us don’t get the sleep we need? Either we’re not falling asleep as readily as we’d like, or we’re waking up throughout the night. It stands to reason, therefore, that it’s possible for a bedroom to have a negative effect on sleep.

The bedroom is one of the most important - if not the most important - room in your house. It’s where we relax and recharge our batteries. And when you know the importance of getting a good sleep, you might consider taking some of these steps to making sure your bedroom is sleep-friendly. After all, you need to take care of yourself!


If your bedroom is too warm, then you're not going to have a great sleep!  The same could be said if your room is also too cold.  I would personally sooner sleep in a cooler room than one that is too warm.  Our bodies naturally warm up in bed as we sleep, so if I am too warm when I first get into bed, it takes me ages to get to sleep.  You need to take measures to cool your room down if you're turning and sweating in the night.

It goes without saying that noise is going to interrupt your sleep. I for one, find this one to be the single, most annoying, aspect when trying to get a good night's sleep. I even have to close windows in the summer, if people are bbqing in their gardens too loudly, or else I cannot drop off. You don’t have to take the walls apart and add soundproof material, though. Try putting bookcases stuffed with books against the walls or place your wardrobes against the walls that are adjoining another room.  You never know, you might like the new look of the room.


A disturbing number of people are trying to sleep on mattresses that are damaging their backs. Their mattresses were either cheaply produced or they’ve simply worn out over time. I am a little bit guilty of keeping my mattress for too long. If you can feel the springs of your mattress digging into you, then it’s time to upgrade. Check out this pocket sprung mattress guide if you don’t want to move away from spring mattresses.

Colour plays a big part in the way your mind prepares itself for sleep.  It may seem strange, because the colours in your bedroom - mainly that of your walls - just look black or grey when the light is off. But science has my back here. Blue, yellow and silver have all been shown to affect sleep in a positive way. Purple seems to negatively affect sleep more than all the others, which is a shame because I do like bright coloured bedding on the bed.
Again, you may be wondering what the problem is here. Once the lights are out, they’re out. Lighting is no longer a problem, right? Actually, this has more to do with the lights you’re using before you go to sleep. If you’ve got a really bright light on just before you go to bed, it can affect your ability to fall asleep. Consider getting a lamp, or using dimmable lighting. An hour before bed, use the dim light instead of the brighter “main light”. It will help you get a little more sleepy!
Have you got any tips for a sleep-friendly bedroom?
Nicola x

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  1. I'm a little bit too obsessed with thinking about how to get the perfect bedroom for sleeping, some great tips here. I definitely need total quiet and total darkness although these days I'm sure I could sleep anywhere X #HomeEtc

  2. Good tips here. I've been really struggling with the regulation of temperature. #HomeEtc

  3. I've read that recently about light before bed. They say if you brush your teeth in the dark you're likely to have a better night's sleep!! :) Fab tips Nicola :) Thanks so much for linking up with us! Caro xx #HomeEtc

  4. It's annoying when noise and temperature are both affected by the window in summer! Relaxing scented candles are great too as they often perfume the room without being lit which can be a little more subtle. & clearing away any clutter helps me sleep, it's much nicer waking up to a tidy room as I don't immediately have a list of jobs to do going through my head which them makes me even tireder!

  5. Great tips - I love how calming and peaceful my bedroom is! Funny though I can't relax in there unless it's tidy! Thanks so much for linking up, love Jess xx


  6. I feel like we need to redesign our bedroom as it's not exactly conducive (is that the word?) for sleep! It's yellow and lime green coloured. I had thought about changing it to purple but now I think maybe that's not a good idea! I agree with you about the noise - nothing worse than noisy neighbours! #HomeEtc