Hello June

Oops I'm late again with this month's post, but I did only get back from our holiday to Majorca on Friday and it's been a whirlwind of paper sorting, washing and general catching up, since then.
June 1st is officially the start of summer in our house and it was great to start the month off on the right foot with a bit of sunshine to set the tone for the rest of the month, hopefully.  But how did May go?
Well the hanging baskets are planted up and blooming nicely.  The rustic crate is on the fence and we have managed to have a few BBQs already.  I haven't managed to collect fleece blankets for outside yet - it's been such a busy time in the run up to our holiday.

We bought the donut duvet cover for Lauren's room, from Primark, but still need to get her curtains ordered from Next. Pictures hopefully available in next month's update. 

And since all this loveliness cannot be heaven, I know in my heart it is June - Abba Gould Woolson

 So what are our plans for June?
-It's going to be a crazy month.  First up we have plans to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday by organising our own Patron's Lunch in the garden on Sunday 12th June.  Blog post coming about that, later in the week.
-Before that, I've just remembered, there's the small matter of taking 60 eleven year olds to London first, on Wednesday and Thursday of this next week. Harry Potter Studios, here we come.
- The weekend after that, it is of course, Father's day and we're away in our caravan for the weekend for that one.
- The weekend after that, on the 25th,  we have Lauren's Birthday celebration  - a day out with 3 friends, shopping,  lunching and then home for a pamper session and tea party. I'm exhausted already! The theme is pastel and I've already been attacking Pinterest for a million and one ideas, for this.

And that's all I think I can fit in, for now - It's going to be a busy one.
What are your plans for June?

Nicola x

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