Lifestyle | Your Ultimate Guide To A Great Night In: The Family Edition

Just lately, staying in is the new going out for us. I don't have weekend babysitters and I often question why I would bother getting all dressed up and booking taxis when I can stay in the comfort of my own home? Family time is important to us, and we like to ensure we make the most of it.  These are some of our suggestions for a fabulous night in with the whole family.

Save The Date

Earmark one night a week as family night. For us, tis tends to be Saturday night. Make it a rule that nothing gets in the way of this. Try to avoid booking other events on this night. Clear your schedules and get any housework out of the way in advance. Encourage the kids to help.

Set A Few Ground Rules

Establish a few ground rules in advance. Make it a rule that everyone has to attend. Switch off all mobile devices so that everyone is present and contributing. This was initially quite difficult for us to begin with.


We take it in turns choosing what we eat for tea on family night. Don’t make it too elaborate. You don’t want to spend your time in the kitchen. Enlist everyone’s help with preparations. Buffet style meals always go down well, as everyone can serve themselves. Alternatively, choose a theme each week and prepare a meal to go with that. The kids love doing this.

Movie Night

Movie night is always a winner. So that we’re not fighting over choices,  we allow everyone to take it in turns choosing a film. We like to cosy up the living room and the kids bring down pillows and duvets, so everyone is comfortable. If you need to update your TV set up, companies like Midland Digital can help with things like installing digital TV aerials, etc. Or, you could consider setting up a home cinema. 

If you want to go all out, try the following:

•Create a theme and choose your films accordingly

•Complement your film choices with a matching meal

•Throw a film-related quiz with small prizes

Serve snacks like crisps, dips, and  homemade popcorn with your movie.

Board Games

We’re not talking about electronic games here. Though, this is also an option. Why not pick up some board games from your local charity shop. They don’t cost very much and provide hours of fun. Hungry Hippos and Snakes and Ladders are great for young children. Try Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits for older kids.


Get creative with the kids and set up your own craft night.  This probably wouldn't be on a Saturday night for us, though. You’ll need a little time for some advanced preparation and some time at the end to clear everything away.

Set aside a large table that the whole family can sit around. Put down newspapers and a vinyl tablecloth to protect the surface and floor. Paints, glue, glitter, etc. can be purchased cheaply from pound shops. Also, repurpose materials from around the home. Save old newspapers and magazines. Plastic bottles and boxes can also be incorporated.

To get the ball rolling take along a few project ideas. Demonstrate the skills required and let everyone put their own spin on the project. Encourage individuality and creativity. Allow everyone to bring their own project ideas. Why not make it seasonal?

Keep an eye out for new materials and tools that could be used in future craft nights.

What do you do during your family nights?

Nicola x

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