Real Life | Scenes from the Seaside

Southport Ice creams

How was your weekend? On Saturday we had gorgeous weather.  We were away in our caravan again in Southport, in the North West.  This place, in sunny weather, has a real seaside feel to it.  The sea is always miles out from the sand, but still, it's a beach and there are sand dunes,  which the kids always love.
This post is mainly a picture post, highlighting the things we did and saw over the weekend.

 Lauren on the Merry Go Round - We only noticed later that she'd picked a horse called Nicola, which happens to be my name.

We had to go in the hall of mirrors.  I don't know who the photo bombers are though!

The boating lake with the fairground wheel in the background.

The pier.  For the first time ever, we walked to the end.

Shiny seats at the end of the pier.

We found an arcade with 'old' money coin operation.

 What a shame that the owners have scribbled a message in pen, on this lovely old penny machine.

Obligatory feet in the sand. Lauren where are the tassels off your shoe?

Exploring the sand dunes.
We had a great weekend.  How did you spend yours?

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