Travel | Why Cala Bona - Majorca - is perfect for families.

Over half term, we visited Cala Bona again, in Majorca.  We have been about six times now, because it suits us so much as a family.  Cala Bona is perfect if you have little ones for a number of reasons, but mainly because it is so safe and geared up towards families.  I have written about my love of Cala Bona before here, but never really talked about why it is so good for little people.

First of all, there is a car free promenade that runs the full length of the resort and into Cala Millor, the adjoining resort.  I say car free, rather than traffic free, because there is a dedicated bike track marked out in red which is used by families to hire the bikes that seat many people, as we did.  It's super cheap - 8 euros for one hour - and the kids absolutely loved it.  We laughed and laughed.

Another reason we love taking the kids here is because of the beach.  It's pure white sand if you head further along towards Cala Millor and the water is turquoise blue. It's shallow for quite a distance out to sea and perfect for supervised paddling.

There are numerous parks dotted along the promenade for them to play in.  We used to visit in the early evening, when it was cooler and there was a lovely sea breeze blowing in.

There is also a mini adventure park with trampolines, pedal operated racing cars and the biggest bouncy castle ever.  This year the theme was Minions, but it does change every year.  Unfortunately my pictures are blurry, but I've managed to locate this image to give you an idea of the size of it.  The Adventure park is located right in the middle of Cala Bona near the harbour.

And last but not least, some of the hotels have the best pools ever. The Protur Bonaire hotel has one with a pirate ship right in the middle of it.  The depth is the same all over and comes up to the knees on an average 3 year old.

Our two loved exploring the ship.

Honestly, Cala Bona is great.  If you are looking for a great place to take your family, then I would recommend that you give it try.
If anybody knows anywhere just as good, please let me know in the comments below.  We're too frightened to try anywhere else, but are open to ideas, if it would be similar to here.

Nicola x
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