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Poundland Make Up Gallery £10.00 Make Up Challenge
Make Up Gallery Cosmetics
My latest challenge as Brand Ambassador for Make Up Gallery Cosmetics at Poundland was to create a make up look for just £10.00.  I loved the idea of this and immediately toddled off to my nearest Poundland to view the range.  The Make Up Gallery Cosmetic range at Poundland is huge and I was like a child in a sweetshop putting the stuff in my basket. 
The look I was going for was a natural Summer look as I don't like to wear too much make up in summer and like the barely there look, but my blemishes covered.
I managed to get everything I needed with £3.00 to spare, so I added 2 applicator brushes and a nail polish to make it come to £10.00.
This is what I bought:
1. Shine On Intense Colour and Shine Lip gloss - Ballet Pink
2.Never Ending Story Lengthening Mascara - Carbon Black.
3.Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation - Warm Ivory
4. Good To Glow Matte Bronzer - Medium
5. Colour Story Eye Shadow - Dusky Rose
6. Kohl Me Beautiful Soft Kohl Liner - Charcoal Grey
7.Feeling Blush Blusher - Soft Blush
8. Time To Shine Quick Dry Nail Colour - Candy Pink
9. Make Your Mark Make Up Angled Blush Brush
10. Make Your Mark Foundation Sponge With Handle
What great names and the packaging is much more than I would expect from make up costing just a £1.00.  I even bought a Make Up Gallery bag to hold it all in as you can see at the top of the picture.
The finished look looked like this.
Poundland Make Up Gallery £10.00 Make Up Challenge
An indoor shot
This is what I did to create this look and what I thought of the products.
First I applied the foundation using the rounded brush to blend it in.  I liked the consistency of the foundation as it was like a mousse rather than a runny texture.  I went for a shade darker than my usual choice as I have a slight tan at the moment and didn't want my face to look ghostly.  The foundation was easy to work with and didn't dry before I'd finished blending, which is always a bonus and I was happy with the coverage.  I have a few broken veins on my chin and it covered them.
Next I applied the bronzer.  It was a good shade and well pigmented and I particularly like how it doesn't have glitter in it. I didn't use a lot, but was happy with the quality of it.
After this I applied the blusher, using the angled brush.  I think I made a mistake getting one so light as I had to apply and re-apply lots to get it to show up.  It's not very pigmented and not one I would use again unless the darker shades work better.
Next I moved onto my eyes.  I've always been brought up to believe that pink eye shadow is a no-no, but I was drawn to this one and I wanted to give it a go.  It is well pigmented with a shine to it and it blended well. I liked how it looked for a day time look. I would definitely try more colours in the range.
I then used the kohl liner on my eyes.  I picked out a charcoal grey for a change as I have loads of black ones already.  Again, it went on well and I managed to use it as a brow definer too.  Double whammy! The shade of grey was refreshing and not as harsh for use during the day.
Next, I added mascara.  For me this was a fail.  The packaging was sealed so I couldn't see the brush before buying it.  I like a thinner brush and this was thick and chunky.  It also felt like there was no product on the wand as I was applying it.  It felt dry and old.  I had to keep pumping the brush, even though you shouldn't and I managed to get some on my lashes.  I wouldn't buy this again.
Finally, I added the shiny lip gloss and loved this. It was indeed shiny, and didn't glue your lips together like some do.  I really liked the subtle colour for daytime wear.
Poundland Make Up Gallery £10.00 Make Up Challenge
Outdoor look
I hope you feel inspired by the look I created and I apologise for my 41 year old wrinkles! 
Why not check out the range here and then pop some of your favourites in your basket next time you are in Poundland.
Nicola x
* I was provided with a voucher for £10.00 to purchase the make up of my choice.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I don't wear make up enough to spend a lot of money on it so I get it from Poundland now. I love the foundation, bronzer and lip gloss. They are all in my make up bag x

    1. These 3 items worked the best in my opinion. The foundation is one to rival one I've paid £20.00 for. It's a definite buy again. It's such a bargain.