House Extension Plans
We've lived in our home for 9 years and part of the reason we bought it, is because of the potential for extending it.  House extensions are big business in the UK and many people choose to do this rather than move.  We don't, currently, have any plans to move, but we have often thought about how we would like to make alterations to what we already have.
Loft Conversion
We would love to extend up into our loft.  The eaves are big enough to do this and it would give us a lot of extra space.  To do a good job though, we would have to lose our bathroom for the staircase and move it upstairs.  I love the look of the bathroom in the picture above and it looks like it would be nice and bright.  For added cosiness, in the winter, I would probably add some blinds from the company VELUX.  They have such a brilliant range of blinds.

 Garage conversion
We currently have a detached double garage and my husband likes to put both cars away at night, which is quite unusual nowadays.  I sometimes think that our garage is a waste of useful space and I would like to consider a garage conversion in there. I would ideally change half of it into a games room for our twins, Harry and Matthew, when they are older.  I may even throw a bar in their too and really go to town.
House extension
The last thing we would like to consider is extending off our kitchen.  I'm against the idea of a conservatory, because I don't find them very practical.  There's a bit too much glass and even though I could put more blinds at the window, I would prefer to have a brick built extension with windows fitted into the roof.  I can picture how it would look and the furniture I would put in there. The only problem with extending out in this way, is that we would lose a considerable amount of our garden and I'm not sure about that.
At the moment, these ideas are only pipe dreams.  I would, someday, like to make them a reality though.
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