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I am a bit of a techie, are you?  I worry myself sometimes about how much I rely on technology.  I never used to bother where my phone was, often throwing it under the stairs in my bag after a long day at work, but now all that's changed. I have my iPad and my phone constantly by my side.

And I'm so glad I do or else I might miss out on capturing those moments that Sony call X moments - moments in time that if you blink you'd miss them.  Having my phone to hand means that I can snap away and capture those 'here and now' photos that you'll often find in my Instagram account.

The picture above was taken in Sainsburys a few months ago, with my phone.  I often look back at it and ponder the extraordinary relationship my twins have.  This photo says it all really and the spur of the moment capture, makes it all the more special to me. 

I do own a DSLR and whilst I love the pictures it takes, I can't really fault the quality of the pictures my phone takes.  They have come a long way since those grainy images we used to be so proud of a few years ago.  I even manage a blurred background with mine, if I focus in on the object closely enough.  I love it!

Having your phone to hand allows you to seize the moment and treasure it forever.  To support the launch of the new Xperia X phone, Sony would like the British public to share their X Moment on social media, so why don't you check out  #WhatsYourX and maybe add your own X moment.

Another one of my X Moments is this one.

#WhatsYourX ?

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  1. I like the idea of an X moment. I too have my phone To hand all day long it's great! #weekendblogsharr