Harry and Matthew are just getting to a suitable age for us to start venturing into the great outdoors with them, with more confidence.  They don't try to run away as much, so we are starting to go further afield and have plans to do more outdoor activities, this summer as we are Tatton Park Ambassadors too.
Just before I became pregnant with them, we had started to visit the Lake District quite a bit, for walking etc.  But it's all been on the back burner until now.
When the lovely people at Dry kids got in touch to see if we would like to review their Fleece Lined Dungarees, it seemed a perfect time to say yes.
The suits were available in 4 colours, turquoise, yellow, pink and navy.  We chose navy, because I thought it would show less dirt and stains. When I opened them up they were a lovely thick quality and felt cosy with the polar fleece lining.  This also prevents sweating and will keep them lovely and warm in the winter snow.

They come with elastic ankle straps that can fit under their wellies or foot to prevent the dungarees riding up and I liked the popper buttons on the side that can be adjusted depending on what they are wearing underneath.
The suits are highly waterproof, having been tested thoroughly by Dry Kids.  They have heat sealed seams to ensure they don't let any water in.
 I ordered Harry and Matthew age 3- 4, because they are 3, but I think they would have fitted in age 2. They are quite big, but it wasn't too much of a problem, because the over shoulder straps are adjustable and they will get wear out of these for a couple of years, at least.
These suits aren't just for cold, winter weather.  My two had theirs on in the garden yesterday, when they had the watering cans out.  I just popped a t-shirt on underneath and they were fine.  They stayed nice and dry and didn't complain of being too hot.


I can tell from the quality, that they'll stand the test of time in the snow too and stop them from crying from the cold.
Another feature of the suits, that I liked, was the reflective stripes on the legs for safety, so they can be seen at night - when walking to Bonfire night parties, comes to mind.
I feel that these suits are all we'll need with their wellies for the next couple of years, to tackle the great outdoors and I'm so glad Dry Kids got in touch.
If you would like to order a pair of Dry Kids Fleece Lined Dungarees, you can do so here.
They are priced at just £17.95 which represents great value for money when you consider how versatile they are.
What do you think? Are your kids kitted out for the outdoors?
Nicola x
Disclosure: We were sent two pairs of Dry Kids Fleece Lined Dungarees for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and the pictures belong to

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