Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

If you have ever suffered having to sleep next to a snorer, then I feel your pain.  My husband is a snorer. It doesn't start as soon as he drops off, but about 20 minutes in.  Unless I go to bed and sleep at roughly the same time as him, it can take me a good hour, before I finally get to sleep myself. Sometimes, his snoring will then wake me in the night, but this time, I may never actually get back to sleep and the effects, the next day, make me grumpy.  Sympathy is quite thin on the ground - he doesn't know how bad he actually gets.  If he's had a beer or two, things are even worse.  I physically beat him and shove him, to make him lie on his side, to try to stop him and when I was pregnant, I sometimes came downstairs, to sleep on the couch, as he flails his arm about too, in his sleep.
As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to review the Good Night Anti-Snoring ring.
Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring
How it works:
The ring focuses on two acu-pressure points located on your little finger.  The ring's two acu-activators work to free up your nasal breathing nasal passages and your natural bio-rhythms.
The ring should be worn on the little finger, at the base, 30  minutes before you plan to go to sleep.
It should only be worn at night, as wearing it for more than 12 hours a day reduces its effectiveness.
Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring
So how did we get on?
My Husband was a bit sceptical about wearing the ring at first, and had a bit of male bravado about the whole thing.  I did manage to convince him to try it though.  He had to wear the ring each night for seven nights to give it a good chance of working and he did this.
On the first night, I stayed awake on purpose to see if the ring was working.  He did do some snoring, but it didn't seem as loud.
On the subsequent nights, the snore became much quieter and he slept more calmly.  I can't say that it completely disappeared, but there was a definite difference and I wasn't disturbed by him.  I just found myself trying to observe if he was snoring or not.
I feel, that in the two weeks since he started to use it, my Husband's snoring is much improved.  The only downside we found, in week 2, was that he sometimes forgot to put the ring on, and I imagine this may continue to be the case.
The Good Night Anti-Snoring ring is available from Boots and other good pharmacies for £29.99 and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee - so what have you got to lose?
If you would like to find out more about the ring, you can visit their website here.
Disclaimer:We were sent the Good Night Anti-Snoring ring for review, free of charge.  All opinions are our own.

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