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Since my husband and I have had our own home, so for 13 years to be exact, we have never had a new bed.  We've changed mattresses a few times during that time, but the divan part, has been the same throughout.  We were desperate for a new one, so when the people at Lakeland Furniture asked us to review a piece of furniture for them, we jumped at the chance to upgrade.  We picked the Seattle King Size bed in black and a 40 Zees Hypno King Size Pillow Top Mattress
lakeland furniture
The bed and mattress were delivered quickly and my husband set to work on building the bed.  It took him about an hour to put it together and he reports that it was a simple job, requiring only minimal tools, most of which were provided. My first impessions of the bed, once it was built, was that it looked very sturdy.  The headboard and footboard are really deep and it looks more expensive than it was (£199.00)

lakeland furniture
Even though the bed is made from Faux leather, it has a nice feel to it.  It looks luxurious.

lakeland furniture

A feature that I love about the bed, is that the drawers are on castors.  They can be completely wheeled out from under the bed and having castors rather than runners means that the chances of the whole thing falling to bits, are very slim. My daughter has under bed storage on runners and every time I open it, the bottom falls out of the drawer, or the front comes off in my hands.  You wouldn't get this with this bed.  The insides of the drawer were also a surprise.  I thought there might be white board for the drawer base, but I was wrong - it was a lovely walnut colour that fits in nicely with the black faux leather.

lakeland furniture

The bed has also been designed so that the drawers can be opened even when the bed is positioned next to a wardrobe or a bedside table.  Great for when you are in a rush.
lakeland furniture
We've had the bed for two weeks now, and you know that feeling when you get into a hotel bed and the mattress and everything feels good.  It's like that.  My husband recognised the Hypnos brand, written on the side of the mattress, straight away. It was extremely heavy and quite a challenge to get upstairs, but worth it in the end.  He told me it would be a good one and he's not been wrong.  It's quite a firm mattress, which is the type we usually go for.  If you like a bouncy mattress, this isn't for you - Harry and Matthew cant bounce on it as well as they did on our old one. 
lakland furniture

Just this last weekend, we have booked a night in a Premier Inn Hotel for August and I was reading through some details about the hotel, when I noticed that it mentioned Hypnos mattresses in their rooms.  If it's good enough for Premier Inn, to use, its good enough for us, especially as they guarantee a good night's sleep when you stay with them.
The mattress is currently available for £189.99 on the Lakeland Furniture website.
Have you seen the great range of furniture available from Lakeland?  I'm ready for new dining chairs next, I think.
Nicola x

Disclosure: We were sent these products for review.  All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. It really does look much more expensive than the RRP, and the pillow top mattress just sounds dreamy. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. It's a lovely mattress. I would definitely recommend it. 😊