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Lucky Sixpence Double Coin Necklace

I have recently acquired this very unusual Lucky Sixpence Double Coin Necklace from a company called Natural Amber Jewellery.  I have been looking for a necklace of this style since I first saw Holly Willoughby wearing one on This Morning, and then later Michelle Keegan and a whole host of other famous celebrities have been seen wearing the same style.  I had to have this celebrity 'must-have' for myself. It stands out for being so different and shiny.  My eyes were immediately drawn to Holly's.
It's such an unusual necklace being made from two genuine sixpences and one I will treasure for a long time, because of the fact that these sixpences are old, much holder than me.  They were used by real people to purchase real things.  Whose pocket have they sat in, in the past?  For this reason, I think it will possibly gain value over the years and is something to pass down to my daughter, when she's old enough.

Lucky Sixpence Double Coin Necklace
Lucky Sixpence Double Coin Necklace
The reason I chose to get my jewellery from Natural Amber was because of the way they make their jewellery.  This piece was handmade from scratch and the sixpences were carefully selected to make sure that they were good enough and not dented or marked in any way.
It came on an 18 inch chain and sits at just the right length when I'm wearing my open necked shirt. The detail in it, when you look up close is amazing.  The coins are so shiny and you can't help but look at them - they are perfectly sized. The coin has obviously got a different image on each side, so there's the option of wearing it two ways.  A lot of people have asked me about the necklace since I got it.  It's a real conversation starter. The time and effort put into making it, make it worth its price tag. 
Why are Sixpences Considered Lucky?
Sixpences replaced threepence coins, way back in history and in their early circulation, people would search for one. They were eventually placed in Christmas puddings and the tradition still stands today, that people search for the ' lucky' sixpence in their pudding.
And of course there is the sixpence link with getting married and how it brings the bride and groom good luck, if the bride wears one in her shoe, hence the rhyme, 'something old, something new' which I remember my dear Nan saying to me on my wedding day. She too enjoyed wearing coin styled jewellery and enjoyed wearing a sovereign on a chain, when sovereigns were popular a while back. It would make a lovely gift for a bride to be.
Lucky Sixpence Double Coin Necklace
Since I've started wearing mine, I'm hoping it will bring me good luck, prosperity, health and happiness as the maker of the piece intended.
What do you think?  Have you seen any celebrities wearing this type of necklace?
Nicola x

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  1. I really love these - have been looking for one for ages so I'm so glad you wrote this post! Will go and check Amber Jewellery out now. Thanks for the tip!