Holiday Packing 
We're off on holiday, back to Cala Bona, on Friday and I'm in the middle of the madness that is packing.  It's quite stressful packing for little ones - they need so many extras that I worry about forgetting to pack. To try to make the job that bit easier, I use a list, but I still worry that I've missed something.
I've blogged before about travelling abroad with 2 year old twins, but never mentioned the amount of thought needed, before you actually get there and really, this is the critical part, the key to a successful holiday.
Tips to Holiday Packing Success
1. Make sure you pack nappies and wipes, if you still use them, in a carry on bag, but only take enough to last a couple of days. You will be able to buy more at your destination and save so much space in your case.
2.Clothes for little ones don't take up that much room, in your case, but you will find yourself getting carried away with outfits for the day and then more for the night.  Try to pack more 'mix and match' outfits that can be washed and dried in no time at all.
3. Don't forget to pack a sunshade for your child's pushchair.  The type that completely covers it are the best.  They keep the mosquitos out at night and make it nice and dark, to help your little one to sleep.
4. Don't pack armbands and swimming rings or bring them home in your luggage, for next time.  You will not take them back with you next year.
5. If your children are older and like to have a say in what they put in their back pack, work with them to help them to pack sensibly, but lightly.  My daughter tries to take the entire contents of her bedroom when we go away.  I have to help her out with what she really needs.

6. Don't forget to the pack the teddy or other cuddly character for your little one.

With new research from Mothercare finding that 69%* of parents say their kid’s favourite cuddly toy is a must-pack holiday item, a parenting expert from Mothercare offers advice on how to ensure your beloved bear comes home with you safe and sound.

Liz Day, Parenting Consultant for Mothercare, comments: “As well as keeping children calm and entertained during the journey, home comforts such as a favourite cuddly toy can often help little ones settle better into new locations as parents unpack and start to relax. Here’s my advice on how to keep their favourite friend safe and make sure the bear makes the return journey home with you:”

-. Tag your cuddly toy using the same safety ID bracelet or wristband as you use to keep your child safe – matching their favourite bear will encourage your little one to keep the tag on at all times. Include a return address and your phone number so your invaluable bear finds its way back to its little owner if it gets lost.

-. Buy two of your child’s favourite cuddly toy and secretly pack one in your suitcase when you go away. If your tot’s toy does manage to escape, it’s really useful if it can miraculously reappear when you get back to your holiday accommodation.

-. When on the beach, tie a brightly coloured ribbon to your tot’s favourite fluffy friend so they don’t go missing in the sand.

-. When travelling, keep bear safely in your hand luggage or pop them in an easily accessible bag so they are within reach to soothe and calm your tot if there are any upsets during the journey.

And most importantly, don't stress about it all.  More often than not, you will be able to buy any items, you have forgotten at your destination or find that you didn't need them after all.

Nicola x

*Post written in collaboration with Mothercare

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