Autumn Blog Post
Autumn officially begins on the 1st of September in our house, but since then, the weather has been really quite good.  Too good for me to write about Autumn, but I can wait no longer.  Let the Autumn themed blog posts commence. 
Autumn has been my favourite month for as long as I can remember.  It signals a new start for me, that links back to the return to school in September.  I always make fresh plans for the season and look forward to the general overall cosiness.  There's nothing better than closing the blind, putting on the lamps and lighting a candle with a gorgeous autumnal scent. 

 There's so much to look forward to in the Autumn.  The television is better for a start, with X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Great British Bake Off to look forward to, to name just a few.  I always seem to get into the soaps more in the Autumn too.  We don't have an abundance of baby sitters, so we try to make the most of our nights in at home.
Another thing I love about the Autumn is that it's OK to go into Starbucks and Costa again.  It's not the same in the Summer - going in for a smoothie.  I often like to sneak off at the weekend and treat myself to a speciality hot chocolate and I'm already planning my first visit of the season.
I also like to plan a walk in the woods to trudge through the leaves wearing our wellies and hats.  You need to plan the timing just right for this one though, to get the maximum effect. 
I already have a collection of Yankee Candles to burn - Blog post review coming soon for these, but the new collection is divine and I just a love trip into HomeSense to pick up some seasonal bits for updating our home.  Last year I bought a gorgeous garland for the door and some rattan style pumpkins.  They are still in the attic at the moment, but I'll be bringing them down soon.
I have my eye on some new cosy bedding in shades of orange, grey and brown for our bedroom. It's from George at Asda - they always do seasonal bedding for a really great price. 
The food, I almost forgot the food.  I love comfort food and making soup from pumpkin left overs.  I also love a good casserole too. 
So I'm off to get my throw now and to light a candle - its already dark at 7:30 P.M. this evening because it's raining and thundering.  It's a perfect night for an Autumn themed post.
Do you like Autumn.  What are your favourite parts?
Nicola x
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  1. Great post, I love Autumn also. It's my favourite season.

    1. Hi Zoe. Thank you. It's such a good 'look forward to everything' time isn't it.