Tatton Park Halloween

On Thursday we went to Tatton Park in Knutsford, Cheshire to experience their Frightsome Halloween inspired by The Witches by Roald Dahl.  This is all part of their year long Roald Dahl celebrations, which we are ambassadors for.

We had such a great day, apart from meeting the woman at the park, that I wanted to share what's available to do.

1. Hotel Magnificent at the Old Hall 
The Old Hall has been transformed into Hotel Magnificient.  The rooms in the hall were decorated so well for Halloween and there were real witches to talk to.  We had to guess whether one of the witches was a real witch by her hands, as happens in The Witches.  The children were given a sheet and they were encouraged to find various things in Hotel Magnificent.  It was great fun, if not, a little spooky in places.  Outside of the hall's grounds, there were a couple of fairground rides and a place to grab a burger.  There was also story telling in the barn and a chance to play some games with pumpkins.

Tatton Park Halloween

Tatton Park Halloween

2. A walk along The Enormous Crocodile Trail
There were plenty of opportunities to get close to nature.  We went for a lovely walk in the woods along The Enormous Crocodile trail.  Your little ones will enjoy putting their wellies on and looking for conkers etc.

Tatton Park Halloween

3. Enjoy a meal at the Stable's Restaurant or The Gardener's Cottage Tea Rooms.

These are situated in a courtyard next to the mansion, which also housed a little tuck shop for quick snacks for the kids and more fairground rides.  There was also a variety of little shops to have a browse in, in this area.

Tatton Park Halloween

4. Visit the farm.

This was our favourite part of the day.  The buildings in the farm area contained rooms decorated to match Fantastic Mr Fox. Lauren dressed up as Fantastic Mr Fox using props from in the rooms.

Tatton Park Halloween

There was a tree containing conkers and cobwebs in this area too.  Children were invited to get a conker from the tree and to have conker competitions. You would need to go early for this though, as there were none left when we got there.

Tatton Park Halloween

Bean's cider cellar had lovely little pumpkins to look at too.  It was great in this area. My 3 really enjoyed looking at the pigs. One has recently given birth to piglets and they were available to see.

Tatton Park Halloween

5.Visit the mansion.

We didn't have time to visit the mansion, but children need to try to avoid being turned into mice. There are trails to follow and they need to look for people who have already been turned into mice.

A Totally Tatton Twit family ticket costs £27.50 and car entry is a further £6.00.

I would highly recommend it as a family day out over Halloween.

Nicola x

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