Are you Britain's Most Fruitful Family? (Competition)

Britain's Most Fruitful Family
Nature's Finest are passionate about fruit.  They pick and pack fruit and place it in pots with juice, locking in all the goodness and naturally sweet taste.  They aim to make snacking on fruit accessible for people on the go. 
We are all so busy nowadays, that it is easy to forget just how precious time is.  Family time, in particular, is something I struggle with on a day to day basis. I suffer the 'Mum' guilt due to working full time and passing my youngest 2 over to childcare and then school nursery.  By the time I get home, in the evening, there's about two hours to spare before they go to bed.
Nature's Finest is on a mission to find and champion families who use simple solutions or life hacks to ensure time is spent together, through the campaign 'Britain's Most Fruitful Family.'

They are looking for families to share their tips to be in with a chance to win £1000 worth of Sainsbury's Vouchers. 
This got me thinking about the small things I do, to ensure that we squeeze in that all important family time each day.
Eating together in the evening.
We always try to sit together to enjoy our evening meal.  It's strictly a mobile free zone, but we do leave the television on in the background.  It's nice to talk about the day and so important to show our pre-schoolers some table manners at the same time.
Making time for seasonal activities.
Once we've eaten, we spend about 15 - 20 minutes completing a small 'learning' activity with a seasonal twist.  My twins have just started school nursery, so I am working on getting them to concentrate more.  They love finding out about autumn and Halloween, at the moment.
Britain's Most Fruitful Family
Saturday night is family night.
We don't have babysitters at weekends, so we enjoy making the most of Saturday nights in.  We often have a take away and little treats for the kids.  Our time is then spent chatting, playing and generally chilling out together.
Weekends away in our caravan.
We have a touring caravan, so we try to plan to go away once a month for a weekend, even in the winter.  It works so well for us, when we need to escape the daily grind.
So now it's your turn...
Here are the details.
The campaign is being run on Nature's Finest Facebook page.  You need to submit your life hacks that help you to spend more time together as a family, in the hope that you will encourage others to do the same and embrace a more fruit-ful lifestyle.
The campaign will run from 24th October until the 28th November and the winning family with the best life hack, will receive £1000 worth of Sainsbury's vouchers.
Full terms and conditions can be found here.
Good luck.
If you would like to find out more about Nature's Finest fruit, head over to their website where you can find some great tips and delicious recipe ideas using fruit.
*This is a collaborative post with Nature's Finest.
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