Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark

 I haven't done a fashion post for a while, so I thought I would have a look at the latest styles on offer, this Autumn, in Primark. I enjoy doing these types of posts, because they give me the chance to have a little online browse at the same time.  I've gone for cosiness and layers and I've definitely got my mum head on for this one.
I'm thinking lazy weekends, walks in the woods and maybe a Saturday afternoon shop with the choices I've made and as you would expect from Primark, the prices are A-ma-zing, it's just not always easy to find what you see online, actually in the store.  I really wish you could order online and collect in store, but I bet they would be too in-undated, a bit like McDonald's would be if they did delivery...

I'm digressing. Let's get on and talk about how much this lovely little lot costs.
-Striped Cardigan/Shawl - £10.00
I love this. It's great for throwing on at home, if you're feeling a bit nippy, but would also look great to wear on a warmish weekend, if you're out and about shopping. I would wear this with skinny jeans and tan boots.
-Dark Grey Woollen Scarf - £4.00
This looks like it would cost much more than £4.00 and  is a wardrobe essential for the price.  I like to have a variety of scarves for different occasions. I bet this would be really warm.
-Oatmeal Coloured Bobble Hat - £3.00
I'm thinking Bonfire Night for this one. It's always nice to have a new hat to throw on and the bobble hat trend doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast. 
-Burgundy Velvet Hoody - £10.00
This is a Sunday staple, if you haven't got many plans, but you know you need, but don't want to get out of your pyjamas. The velvet material sounds super cosy and great for chilling in.
Tan Ruffle Blouse - £??
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to source a price for this. The ruffle trend is everywhere at the moment.  It looks nice for wearing with skinny jeans again, if you are out for lunch or similar.
Tartan Style Scarf - £4.00
I've actually already bought this.  It's really big and wrap-around.  This type of scarf is fab for a seasonal update to a plain coloured top.  The colours just shout Autumn out loud, don't they?
Plum long line top - £12.00
These longer length jumpers are good to have in your wardrobe for throwing on with leggings and boots.  You are then able to layer up accordingly, to suit the weather.  This seemed to be available in a variety of colours.
What do you think? which is your favourite piece?
Nicola x

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